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Policy Memos by Regulatory Citation -- 273.2   Office operations and application processing

The Food and Nutrition Service provides guidance on implementing policy to State SNAP agencies through policy memos.

Online Application Review Results and Action Items (12/17/10)
Summary of Certification Interview Policy Memo & Table (03/02/10)
Handling Multiple Applications Submitted by the Same Household (12/30/09)
SNAP - Changes in FNS Approval of Waivers of the Face-to-Face Interview Requirement Without the Need to Document Hardship (02/13/09)
SNAP - Household's Review of Information in Automated Systems - (REVISED) (02/03/09)
SNAP - Waiver Requests to Eliminate the Interview Requirement Altogether (12/17/08)
Discrepant Name and Earnings Statement (11/13/08)
Face-to-Face Interview Waiver Criteria (08/24/07)
Terminating cases when a household does not spend their Food Stamps  (08/22/07)
Current Face-to-Face Interview Policy (01/24/07)
On-Line Food Stamp

 Program Applications

Face-to-Face Interview Waiver Criteria (10/06/06)
Client Confidentiality and Group Interviews (09/01/06)

Improving Program Access to Needy Families

Expedited Service and Interviews (02/17/06)

Face-to-Face Interview Waiver Clarification


Improving Program Access to Needy Families


Questions & Answers on Categorical Eligibility and Vehicle Policies


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Last modified: 07/25/2013